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Kite marked primary school PSHE lessons and resources Our current programme is recommended for 5-8 year olds. However, we have many schools using the programme with older students, particularly older SEN students. Our modules are very flexible and the PSHE Association suggested we provided them in this way as schools across the country are delivering PSHE on different levels. Therefore, it is down to the school to decide where our resources fit best.

You can view our pricing plans below. However, if you would like to discuss your options with a member of our team, please contact Head Office on 01438 750330.


  • Access to all online modules and content

  • 1x PSHE Development Handbook

  • 1x Teacher Guidance Handbook

  • 30x Student Workbooks

  • 1x Deedee Award Pack (x30 Awards)

  • 1x Sticker Sheet (x35 Per Sheet)

Delivery costs included

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High Standard PSHE resources and lessons for Primary Education - create unique bespoke lessons for your classroom

Additional Resources

Please note: extra resources may incur additional delivery costs.

To view our publications in more detail visit our programme page.

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Handbook - how to develop your own PSHE primary lessons and resources

PSHE Development Handbook

PSHE primary level resource and lesson reward stickers for achievement

Sticker Sheets (35 Per Sheet)

Handbook - Teacher guidance for PSHE lessons for primary schools in UK

Teacher Guidance Manual

PSHE primary achievement certificate after showing progress in the classroom

Deedee Award Pack (30 Per Pack)

Handbook - Showing development and learning outcomes in PSHE for Primary Education - Student Workbook

Student Workbook

PSHE resource character to aid in PSHE lesson and child development at primary level

12" DeeDee Plush Toy

PSHE fire safety workbook showing pshe progress with outcomes and assessment

Fire Service Activity Workbook

PSHE team visiting a school to promote development at primary level

Deedee Mascot Visits