That Nursery Life interviews 1decision CEO

That Nursery Life interviews 1decision CEO

That Nursery Life is a platform that provides knowledge hubs, simple explainers, detailed summaries, products reviews and more and has ventured upon interviewing our very own 1decision CEO Hayley Sherwood!

The main premise of the interview was about our decision to bring our highly successful school product to the Early Sector, however the interview also has discussions about the origins of 1decision, the effects of COVID-19 and other interesting questions about our brand!

Below you can find an excerpt from the article talking the inspiration for 1decision and how the business started, with the link to the article also found below:

What inspired you to create 1decision and how did you get started?

"I think my inspiration for 1decision was founded in my own childhood experiences of education. For a start, I was very much a visual learner in a time when schools were more focused on the auditory style of teaching. It was difficult for me to engage, or to take in what they were saying, leaving me feeling quite isolated and cut off from my own learning. School made me quite angry and frustrated.

As an adult I became involved in the other side of education. I managed an alternative provision for disengaged children aged 11-16, most of whom did not see school as a welcoming and supportive environment or an opportunity to learn. These students felt like it was more of a punishment, causing them to abandon any aspirations or hope. I developed a programme to give them goals, helping them to look at challenges such as peer pressure. It was about focussing on values and finding the ways to engage them.

I realised, however, that for some of these children we were coming in late. We needed to reach them sooner, earlier in life, to maximise impact. This led me on a journey all the way to early years practice."

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