Safeguarding and Schools – The Importance of Prevention

Millions of pounds are spent each year training adults to recognise safeguarding concerns amongst children. Schools and providers working with children invest heavily in resources, training, and time to ensure that all staff are aware of the danger signs and know what to do in the event of a concern being raised.

But what about the children?

Distressed child holding his hand up with the word STOP written on it in pen

How much of this time, investment, and training is delivered to them? Do they know how to raise concerns? How do we help them develop these skills? So many childhood experiences and countless life stories which are shared in later life prove that all those millions of pounds being invested in adult training is simply not enough. Social issues such as; violence, drugs, crime, obesity, and mental health continue to dominate the world around us and permeate children's lives.

Early intervention is vital in order to make a bigger impact on reducing safeguarding issues and in reaching affected children sooner. We must come to realise that prevention is the key and that effective PSHE teaching is our investment in children.

PSHE supports children in gaining understanding and knowledge about how to keep themselves safe. If delivered well, it gives children the confidence to speak out together with the information that they need to make safe and positive choices throughout their lives. Surely, effective PSHE is just one part of your investment in effective safeguarding procedures?

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