Navigating Post-COVID blog post

Navigating the Post-COVID era

When it comes to educating our children on the more prescient issues of our time, it can prove a daunting task. All that said, it need not be as daunting as it may seem on the face of it.

In many ways, the youngest generation of the COVID-19 pandemic have already experienced life at its worst without knowledge of anything better. A lack of connection to both friends, families, and occasionally our classrooms when the WiFi fails.

To put it simply, our children have had a rough time of things. Though we’ve all had it tough in one way or another, one can only imagine how difficult it must be for children that know nothing but a world in the midst of a pandemic.

The world can be a terrifying place at the best of times, especially for those of an early age. Add a life-altering virus into the equation and it is easy to see why so many of childbearing age are reluctant to even bring children into the world. As we cautiously approach the post-COVID era (or at least the post-vaccine era), it’s so important that children come to realise that they are about to realise a new normal of their own, and this one has the potential to be eye-openingly beautiful.

Though we undoubtedly have challenges ahead - be they environmental, social, economic, or political - the vaccine rollout in the UK has given a vital sense of optimism. A tumultuous year or so is almost at an end, giving way to a new time in which we hopefully take less for granted.

Exercising caution at the next step is perfectly natural given the tragic loss of 128,000 in the UK alone and 3.24 million globally. But this is a time to celebrate scientific advancement as we slowly return to normal life again. It’s also a time to show children what can be achieved through science and education.

That said, how can we educate without the adequate emotional and social support? 1decision’s Recovery Curriculum draws on an abundance of freely available resources from our Nurture Group portal. The Nurture Group portal was designed before lockdown to accommodate those that struggle with their mental health, anxiety issues, or lack of self-esteem. In light of a return to normality, it’s crucial that we anticipate the difficulties ahead.

Inspiring positive mental health needs to be at the forefront of any educational success. We look to New Zealand as an example of a successful Covid19 response, but we can also look to New Zealand for inspiration in other areas.

Back in 2019, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announced the world’s first ‘wellbeing budget’, which focused on aspects beyond the economy. The budget focused on metrics like human health, safety and flourishing. Though the plans have been met with criticism in terms of their success, the mere idea should be commended.

So as we navigate a new era, perhaps something else is worth aiming for beyond the economy. Following a time that has reminded us of the importance of the simple things, maybe it’s time we put mental health first.

During Mental Health Awareness week (10-16th May), and indeed beyond, it’s crucial that we look after our minds. Another way in which 1decision is contributing to this drive toward bettering our mental health is via our Kids Zone; a free pool of resources designed with children’s mental health in mind. To access our Kids Zone, you can visit our website here.

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