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Dealing with Sensitive Issues

There are delicate subjects we rarely speak to our children about, especially those of a much younger age. But there are ways of getting through without the dreaded emotional tax.

With so many things in this world warranting our attention, and, more often than not, our stresses and worries, it can be difficult to put on a brave face. Whether this stems from the terrifying things we see on the news every night, or the financial predicament we may find ourselves in, keeping these fears hidden from our children can be exhausting.

All this said, literature is a powerful tool that carries so much weight when it comes to educating our children on all kinds of delicate and sensitive issues. From recognising disability at an early age right through to dealing with abuse or bullying, picture books and cartoons show us an escape from reality that is actually grounded firmly within it.

It may seem almost deceitful but the endgame is clear. After all, this is an emotional stage of development that provides a strong basis for future educational success. The 1decision pool of resources looks to assist with providing this foundation stone, particularly when it comes to making the right decisions and dealing with emotions. As well as this, our resource pool has numerous storybooks, videos, and interactive resources that deal with some of the more complicated issues.

Through the simplicity of stories and images, an array of complex material is made accessible. This can even go right to the deepest and most dreaded of societal issues; alcoholism, substance abuse, divorce, grief. The sad fact of the matter is that even the youngest of children are not immune to the impact of any of these issues.

The onus has to be on removing the taboo around these topics, rendering them palatable for younger children. There will always be arguments against this, naturally. Why would a five year-old child need to know about drugs or alcohol abuse? But those arguing this ignore the salient point that these issues are regrettably universal in relation to all age groups. The earlier a child can know of these issues, the better placed they can be to deal with it. Surely that can only be a good thing in the longer term. In the words of Nelson Mandela, ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’

When it comes to these delicate issues, our Rainbow Drops from the 1decision Early Years portal are the perfect example of just how we can do that. Take ‘Purple’s Pet Bird’ for example; a story that deals with the loss of a pet and the grief that follows. The story is simple, yet it shows us that grief is a perfectly normal and healthy response to coping with loss. It does so in this simple manner without appearing daunting in the slightest. Therein lies the key to getting through on the most sensitive issues.

Speaking as somebody that lost their father at the age of 12, I feel fortunate to have had an upbringing in which grief had been dealt with properly. The reality of life can occasionally be difficult to comprehend, so providing a simple basis through which children can understand and even accept the darker aspects of life in a healthy manner can only serve society well in the long run.

As well as an array of resources on all manner of important topics, the 1decision Kids Zone is designed with children’s mental health in mind. There are countless activities and workbooks geared toward maintaining positive mental health, dealing with anger, and many other crucial concepts in child development. Best of all, the resources on our Kids Zone are entirely free of charge.

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