International Walk to School Month Blog post

International Walk to School Month

Though you may not have been aware, October is National Walk to School Month. In light of this, we ask if it’s time we ditch the car and go for the more modest method of getting to and from school.

With lives becoming busier and busier, it can be difficult to find time beyond the daily conveniences of simply getting in the car and driving to school in around ten minutes. But walking can do our physical and mental health a world of good. Of course it may not be practical for some. As well as this, there may come days of miserable weather in which the car is definitely the only viable method, especially over a longer distance.

That said, those able to take part definitely should. The WOW Travel Tracker, which is part of the Walk to School campaign, can help children track their progress. This is a pupil led initiative through which children are rewarded with a badge if they travel sustainably to school just once a week for a month. This doesn’t have to just be walking - it can be cycling, scootering, anything at all that helps reduce emissions. Even doing so once a week is a modest goal that we’re more than capable of achieving.

Why stop at the end of October though? Why not continue the challenge throughout the year, perhaps even increasing it to twice a week? The challenge should be a benchmark rather than the bare minimum. Imagine if just a few families in every school across the UK take part in the challenge. There are 32,028 schools in the UK. Even if just one family in every school takes part, that’s 32,028 cars off the road.

There are many stresses in life, but how many are caused by trying to find somewhere to park near the school? Or even just driving up the busy school street? Or more recently, needing to refuel? I’ve been lucky to live in front of my Primary School for my entire life, meaning the journey to and from school was as easy as can be for me. That said, living there now means I see just how manic the road nearby gets in the morning before school and the afternoon following school. Things can and should change on that front.

So think about International Walk to School Month, and perhaps even think beyond that too. Even though we are midway through October, we shouldn’t be restricted by dates. Walking to school may seem a small thing, but it can make a huge difference if enough people partake. The 1decision curriculum is very much centred on encouraging these healthier habits. Take for instance our Early Years Portal, where stories like ‘Green’s Greens’ emphasise the importance of eating healthily.

As well as this, our Keeping/Staying Healthy modules stretch across both Primary Portals, focusing on the dangers of smoking and alcohol, as well as eating healthily and maintaining positive health habits. We are committed to positive health in both a physical and mental sense, and are of the belief that both essentially go hand in hand with one another. Walking to school can be another part of that journey.

For more information on what we do, check out our mapping documents on our website to see just how we’re making a difference to countless lives.

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