Encouraging Young Swimmers with RainbowSmart

The first time we go swimming is often a time of great excitement, but naturally it comes with many first-time anxieties. With RainbowSmart, those fears can be alleviated, meaning children feel encouraged and empowered to get in the pool.

RainbowSmart storybooks are written around topics that children are likely to experience, such as going to the doctors, the first day of school, and so much more. One of the more recent additions to this collection is based on swimming for the first time, entitled ‘Red Goes Swimming’.

The first worry for Red within the story is that others will laugh at how he looks in his swimming trunks, but his father reassures him that everyone is wearing the same thing. Red then becomes worried about getting in the pool, but his father is again on hand to explain that there are so many tools to help him stay afloat.

His next concern is that others will make fun of him for wearing armbands, but he is assured that all first-time swimmers often require armbands. With enough practise, Red will be able to swim unassisted. He really starts to enjoy himself, and the story ends with Red very excited to go swimming again.

It goes without saying that swimming is a wonderful way to keep fit and healthy, and alleviating the general anxieties around it can play a key role in ensuring children want to continue the journey toward healthy growth and development. Furthermore, easing anxieties around all kinds of potentially daunting concepts for young children is what RainbowSmart is all about.

To download RainbowSmart and see countless other stories focused on positive physical and mental health, you can visit our Linktree here, which will guide you to the relevant store depending on your device. Make sure your children are on the bright path!

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