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Below you will find our Computer Safety module. This module is one of eight modules that featues in our online portal for students aged 8-11.

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  • - Lesson guide, video, and worksheets for the Image Sharing lesson

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Darlee and DeeDee

Essential Downloads and Videos

Teacher Notes - Trial
Assessment Guide - Trial
Word Bank - Trial
Student Self-Assessment - Trial
Year 4 Knowledge Organiser - Trial
Lesson Plan - Online Bullying - Trial
Video - Online Bullying - Trial
Video Discussion Guidance
Year 5 Knowledge Organiser - Trial
Lesson Plan - Image Sharing - Trial
Video - Image Sharing - Trial
Video - Adults' Views
Year 6 Knowledge Organiser
Lesson Plan - Making Friends Online
Video - Making Friends Online
Video - Children's Views

Activity Worksheets

Positives and Negatives - Trial
Darlee's Image Survey - Trial
Age Restrictions
Darlee Is Feeling Sad - Trial
Do You Agree? - Trial
Making Friends Online
Anti-Bullying Message Tree - Trial
Image Sharing Checklist - Trial
Staying Safe Online - Trial
Coping with Online Bullying - Trial
What's that App?
Student Page - Trial

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