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Developing a school PSHE lessonWhat is 1decision?

1decision is an interactive life skills resources bank, built with the media generation in mind, to help children lead safe and happy lives. Our series of documentaries and videos with alternative endings, combined with valuable activities and assessments throughout support PSHE, RSE, Health education, SMSC, and safeguarding.

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Our use of characters makes sensitive subjects less personal for children. Students can observe challenging situations in a safe environment and decide what the characters should do in each situation. Students can then work through the activities and apply their new knowledge to situations they may face now and in the future.


Keeping / Staying Safe
Keeping / Staying Healthy
Relationships and Sex Education

Being Responsible
Feelings and Emotions
Computer Safety

The Working World
British Values

Suitable for all learning styles
Student focused safeguarding tools
Clear routine for children and teachers
Over 65 videos, many with alternative endings

Flexible modules for children aged 5-11
Fun animation and interactive learning
Baseline, formative, and summative assessments throughout
Essential and enjoyable lessons for students and teachers

Boosts confidence
Provides children with a deeper understanding of how to safeguard themselves and others
Prepares them for their future roles in society
Improves social skills
Enhances their knowledge of the world around them
Provides children with the opportunity to speak openly about their worries and concerns, in a safe environment

Inspires children to co-operate with one another
Helps children to manage peer pressure
Helps children to positively manage feelings and emotions
Provides children with the knowledge to make safe and positive choices
Encourages children to take responsibility for their actions and provides them with an understanding of consequences

Our 5-8 programme was one of the first primary programmes to be kitemarked by the PSHE Association
Subtly approaches sensitive subjects
Helps children understand potential hazards and risks
Real life videos with alternative endings and children actors
Provides a clear routine for children and teachers

In line with the most up-to-date curriculum, safeguarding, PSHE and Ofsted guidance
Flexible modules updated regularly to suit changes within society
Supports behaviour management systems
Suitable for children in years 1-6
Suited to all learning styles



Watch a clip from our 'Image Sharing' video, which forms part of our Computer Safety module.



Watch a clip from our 'Jealousy' video, which forms part of our Feelings and Emotions module.



Watch a clip from our 'Water Safety' video, which forms part of our Keeping/Staying Safe module.

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5-8 Student Workbook

Module Overviews

8-11 Student Workbook

PSHE Programme of Study and Development Plan

5-8 Teacher's Notes



8-11 Teacher's Notes

1decision kitemarked PSHE resource

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