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The "Feelings Doll" Activity Worksheets are a creative and interactive tool designed to help children explore and express their emotions. These worksheets encourage children to understand and articulate their feelings using a doll or puppet as a medium.

Activities typically involve a doll template with various facial expressions or interchangeable features that represent emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, or fear. Children are guided to choose or create facial expressions for the doll that match specific scenarios or their current feelings.

These worksheets may also include exercises where children can dress the doll in different outfits or place it in various settings, further exploring how context influences emotions. Additionally, role-playing activities using the doll can be a part of the exercise, allowing children to act out situations and discuss how the doll might feel in those circumstances.

By engaging with the "Feelings Doll" worksheets, children learn to identify and express their emotions in a tangible, creative way. This activity aids in building emotional vocabulary, empathy, and self-awareness, critical components of emotional intelligence and mental well-being.


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