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This section of our website is designed for parents and carers of children who attend schools that are using the 1decision programme as part of their school curriculum within their Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) Education lessons. Below, you will find an introduction to the 1decision resources and how they can support your child's personal development, preparing them for their transition to secondary.

In a world often marred by prejudice and stereotypes, 1decision topics and videos provide a refreshing perspective. They shine a spotlight on individuals' actions and responses, highlighting the universal values and emotions that transcend these external factors. By doing so, 1decision fosters an environment where viewers can connect with the shared experiences and aspirations of others, regardless of their background.

Within this section, you will also be able to find resources to engage children in meaningful conversations about well-being, relationships, and personal development at home. These resources offer age-appropriate content, addressing important topics such as mental health, online safety, and emotional resilience. Parents can actively participate in their child's holistic education with interactive activities and expert guidance. The materials foster open communication, empowering parents/carers to navigate essential discussions confidently.

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What is 1decision?

The 1decision resources have been developed over the past 12 years and were created by specialists working together with schools and, most importantly, children.

The 1decision platform has been designed to be interactive, fun, and engaging for your child. At its core is a series of short film clips with alternative endings, encouraging children to consider the consequences of different decisions.

The videos included in our content serve as a powerful tool for breaking down societal barriers, aiming to bridge the gaps that often divide us. These videos are driven by a profound commitment to promoting inclusivity and understanding among people from all walks of life. What sets 1decision apart is its unwavering dedication to focusing on the common threads that bind us together as human beings, rather than accentuating differences based on race, religion, or culture.

Our resources allow children to develop essential skills, knowledge, and vocabulary to manage different influences and pressures in their lives and to make safe and informed choices. Teachers and children use these films alongside pupil workbooks and on-screen lesson guides to explore various topics in a safe and supportive learning environment.

These videos are a testament to the idea that our humanity is defined by the choices we make and how we respond to the world around us. Through storytelling and empathy, 1decision encourages dialogue and mutual respect, dismantling barriers and promoting a more inclusive society. In a world where division can be all too common, 1decision videos serve as a beacon of unity and understanding, reminding us that we are all part of a larger human family.

To view clips from our resources and some of the themes covered, please see below.

Supporting Transition

Staying Safe Online

In App Purchases


Being Responsible


How will my child’s school use the 1decision resources?

The 1decision platform is split into modules, which are aimed at two different age-groups; 5 to 8-year olds and 8 to 11-year olds. We know that every school is different and although we provide suggested delivery advice for schools, we encourage each school to think about the needs of their communities and pupils and use the 1decision topics in the most suitable way.

We would encourage parents and carers to speak with their schools to see how the materials are being used. This may also offer an opportunity for you to continue the learning and conversations with your child at home.

Examples of Early Years Content

Blue Learns To Share - Animation

Blue Learns To Share - Read-To-Me

Blue Learns To Share - Game

Blue learns to share

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We create interactive PSHE resources for primary children. As part of the media generation, we know how important it is to engage and teach from a young age. Each module is carefully created by PSHE and Safeguarding experts together with schools and, most importantly, children. We are proud to offer resources to over 2,000 schools in 47 UK counties and across the world.


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We like to practise what we preach and, as such, are always looking for new ways to gain feedback, become aware and grow. If you have any thoughts or insights into our resources and company, please feel free to get in touch. Awareness leads to change, after all.


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