The "Warning Signs" Activity Worksheets are designed to teach children about recognising and understanding different types of warning signs and signals they may encounter in various environments. These worksheets typically include textual descriptions and visual representations of common warning signs, such as traffic signals, hazard symbols, emergency alerts, and safety instructions.

Children engage through activities like matching signs to their meanings, colouring exercises, and creating warning signs for hypothetical situations. These exercises focus on memorisation and understanding the rationale behind each warning sign, emphasising the importance of caution and safety in different contexts.

The worksheets often cover various scenarios, from road safety and environmental hazards to personal safety and emergency responses. By familiarising children with these signs, the worksheets aim to enhance their ability to respond appropriately to potential dangers, fostering a sense of responsibility and awareness. This interactive and educational approach makes learning about safety effective and enjoyable for young learners.

Worksheets offer flexibility and accessibility. They can be used in various settings - classrooms, homes, or community centres - making safety education more accessible and widespread.


We create interactive PSHE and RSHE resources for primary children. As part of the media generation, we know how important it is to engage and teach from a young age. Each module is carefully created by PSHE and Safeguarding experts together with schools and, most importantly, children. We are proud to offer resources to over 2,000 schools in 47 UK counties and across the world.


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We like to practise what we preach and, as such, are always looking for new ways to gain feedback, become aware and grow. If you have any thoughts or insights into our resources and company, please feel free to get in touch. Awareness leads to change, after all.


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