EYFS Book Series

"Purple's Healing Journey" unfolds as Purple wakes up feeling unwell, with a sore throat, itchiness, and a body covered in spots. Distressed, she calls for her daddy, who assures her he will contact the doctor. The story follows Daddy and Purple's visit to the doctor's surgery and the pharmacy, documenting her path to recovery.

By the story's end, Purple learns to use prescribed medication as directed by the doctor, finding relief from the itchiness with the provided cream. She happily shares her positive experience with friends, highlighting the doctor and pharmacist's kindness.

RainbowSmart's storybook concept aims to enhance children's emotional literacy through relatable themes, offering easy-to-follow storylines for real-life scenario preparation. In the 40-storybook series, children explore topics like reducing screen time, environmental care, and helping others, fostering positive behavior growth during their early years.

The series teaches valuable lessons on caring for others, being good friends, and assisting parents or carers at home. Each story is available in animation and read-to-me formats, enhancing the storytelling experience. Selecting storybooks aligned with children's experiences aids in emotion processing. RainbowSmart, committed to fostering a love for reading and life lessons, invites children to explore diverse stories that promote kindness and positive relationships.



We create interactive PSHE and RSHE resources for primary children. As part of the media generation, we know how important it is to engage and teach from a young age. Each module is carefully created by PSHE and Safeguarding experts together with schools and, most importantly, children. We are proud to offer resources to over 2,000 schools in 47 UK counties and across the world.


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We like to practise what we preach and, as such, are always looking for new ways to gain feedback, become aware and grow. If you have any thoughts or insights into our resources and company, please feel free to get in touch. Awareness leads to change, after all.


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