Project Smile competition winner announced this week!

Gyles Brandreth announcing 1decision Competition Winner

Project Smile's competition is now over and it is time to reveal our winner this week!

If you haven't seen the project or you are new here, we have been running Project Smile for the past few weeks.

The aim of this project is to have children help other children with lockdown tips through video, storyboard or poem format with the chance of winning a prize!

The one and only Gyles Brandreth will be announcing the winner this week, so stay tuned to see if your child will be seeing their storyboard or poem come to life by our wonderful Pearldrop Productions, our animator for a lot of 1decision's resources!

Project Smile competition ends tomorrow!

1decision Competition Deadline Tomorrow

With the announcement of Gyles Brandreth being our judge for the Project Smile poetry and storyboard competition, we also announced that we have extended the deadline until the 5th of February, meaning the competition ends tomorrow!

You can still continue to submit videos and work beyond our competition, but if your students are submitting poems and storyboards, the last submissions will have to come in by tomorrow to be considered!

We cannot wait to see the winner of our poetry and storyboard competition having their work animated by the incredible Pearldrop Productions, our animators for many of the 1decision's resources!

That Nursery Life interviews 1decision CEO

That Nursery Life interviews 1decision CEO

That Nursery Life is a platform that provides knowledge hubs, simple explainers, detailed summaries, products reviews and more and has ventured upon interviewing our very own 1decision CEO Hayley Sherwood!

The main premise of the interview was about our decision to bring our highly successful school product to the early sector, however the interview also has discussions about the origins of 1decision, the effects of COVID-19 and other interesting questions about our brand!

Below you can find an excerpt from the article talking the inspiration for 1decision and how the business started, with the link to the article also found below:

Mental Health Week at 1decision

1decision Mental Health Week

This week is Children's Mental Health Week 1-7 February, a scheme that schools, youth groups, organisations and individuals across the UK can take part and support children's mental health further.

Children's Mental Health Week is an important week in particular for 1decision, we have created a range of free resources to support children during this week and beyond.

It is important to provide children the knowledge and vocabulary to reach out when they need support. Mental Health is incredibly important, and we want to do our best to contribute to the community during this special week!

1decision in The Telegraph!

Good News by The Telegraph

Following the success of Project Smile, our team at 1decision have been busy putting everything into place to make sure it is the best it can possibly be.

With big names such as AJ Pritchard, Rebecca Adlington and Paul Chuckle advocating the project, Project Smile is getting more popular by the day!

Countless hours of reviewing and uploading submissions have been rewarded, and even The Telegraph has dedicated a part of their ‘Good News’ newsletter article congratulating us on the success of the project!

More exciting news for Project Smile!

Gyles Brandreth Announcing Project Smile Winner

With the recent success of Project Smile, entries have been plentiful and we do hope you continue to spread the word!

With success comes good news, which we are proud to announce something very special and also tell you all that the poetry and storyboard competition has been extended to the 5th of February!

You can still continue to submit videos and work beyond our competition, but if your students are submitting poems and storyboards, our good news is the winner will be judged by Gyles Brandreth!

AJ Pritchard and Paul Chuckle support Project Smile!

1decision Project Smile Video

The support for Project Smile so far has been overwhelming and entries have been booming! It might be time to update you with some good news surrounding the project - two celebrities that have shown their support to the project: AJ Pritchard and Paul Chuckle!

AJ Pritchard had some very nice words to say about the project, and even had a shout out to Iris for her sign language video!

Paul Chuckle helped spread the word of Project Smile and how it supports mental wellbeing and supporting kids through lockdown, some lovely words from the television legend himself!

1decision is on Instagram!

1decision Instagram Advert

With the success of Project Smile, our team have been looking at the next steps to reach out to more people across the UK. We want to provide different ways to create content for people on other platforms, and as a huge amount of our content is video-based, we decided the perfect option was to create an Instagram account.

On our Instagram account, we will be showcasing resources, competitions, general updates and more!

Our Instagram page is active and better than ever! We have created an Instagram to keep you all updated about news, products, and deals, alongside sharing DeeDee's travels across the country!

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