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The Stages of Pregnancy
Pregnancy unfolds in three main stages, each marked by distinct developmental milestones. The first trimester spans weeks 1 to 12, characterised by rapid cell division, organ formation, and the emergence of the placenta. During this time, expectant mothers may experience morning sickness and heightened hormonal changes. The second trimester, weeks 13 to 26, witnesses the fetus's growth in size and the onset of fetal movement. Many women find this stage more comfortable, as nausea tends to subside. The third trimester, from week 27 to birth, sees the fetus maturing further, gaining weight, and preparing for delivery. Expectant parents often engage in activities and use worksheets to track these stages, promoting awareness and bonding. These resources may include information on fetal development, nutritional needs, and exercises to support a healthy pregnancy. Overall, these stages symbolise the remarkable journey of creating new life and the importance of holistic care during this transformative time.


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